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Ellsworth Healthcare Staffing

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    COVID Response

    Providing Peace of Mind For Our Clients

    Ellsworth Healthcare Staffing

    Overcoming the Challenges of COVID-19

    Worried about keeping your staff, clients, visitors, or students safe? The experts at Ellsworth Healthcare Staffing can help by providing health screeners, social distance monitors, COVID-19 site safety monitors, and cleaners/disinfectors. Utilizing our services enables you to keep your focus on your core business.

    We Provide the Following COVID-Focused Services:

    Clinical and Non-Clinical Health Screeners

    Our Health Screeners help you maintain a safe working environment by observing symptoms of everyone entering the workplace. They will ask health screening questions and perform temperature checks, permitting access only to those who fall below a pre-determined body temperature. The Health Screeners can also log staff and visitor attendance in compliance with contact protocols.

    Clinical Screeners

    Our clinical staff is medically trained at Ellsworth Healthcare Staffing. They provide peace of mind for clients who would like to ensure that the person clearing their employees has a medical background. This can also help your employees, clients and visitors feel safe. Clinical staff have more experience in observing symptoms than non-clinical staff. Our Clinical Screeners include RNs, LPNs, MAs and CNAs.

    Non-Clinical Screeners

    Non-clinical screeners provide basic health screening duties such as asking screening questions, taking temperatures, and logging attendance. They have been oriented on proper health screening techniques and have a focus on friendly customer service and communication skills.

    Social Distancing Monitors

    Ideally positioned in your facility’s lobby or elevator areas, our worksite monitors make sure required face coverings are being worn, and that individuals are following established social distancing guidelines. They help ensure social distancing measures are in place on entry lines waiting for elevator access as well as enforcing elevator load limits. They also can be used to press the floor buttons on each elevator to minimize physical contact with common surfacing. Social distancing monitors have excellent customer service skills and understand crowd control management.

    COVID-19 Site Safety Monitors

    COVID-19 safety monitors are able to monitor your worksite against your site safety plan to regulate and ensure social distancing, mask wearing, disinfection, and traffic flow are all working in accordance with your specific plan.

    Cleaners & Disinfectors

    While working under the client’s supervision, our cleaners/disinfectors provide important sanitizing services that create healthier environments. The technicians use client-supplied cleaning and disinfecting materials.

    Put our extensive network of partners and resources to work for you!

    Whether you are interested in a temporary assignment, per diem work, or a permanent role, our team is dedicated to learning who you are on both a personal and professional level. Let Ellsworth Healthcare Staffing streamline the process for you.

    What We Offer

    Ellsworth Healthcare Staffing offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to support local healthcare facilities, connect the best applicants with each opportunity, and deliver the best care to patients across Atlanta.


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    Healthcare Staffing

    A Full Service Agency…

    Ellsworth Healthcare Staffing is a full-service agency committed to providing strategic solutions for all medical staffing needs. Our team works around-the-clock to provide outstanding and quality service. It is our mission is to use our direct experience and knowledge of the industry to provide excellent customer service and to deliver quality and superior results.

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    We welcome healthcare facilities and healthcare professionals looking for employment opportunities into our trusted network. Get in touch with us today to learn more about Ellsworth Healthcare Staffing.